Sunday, November 1, 2015

I'm Back!

I haven't blogged since before I went to Uni and that was 3 years ago! I have now graduated and got a job (just working in a cafe in a garden centre nothing too exciting!)

I thought I'd start my blog up again since all I'm doing is working at the moment!

Things I have done/happened since I last blogged:

Graduated University with a degree in photography

I turned 21
We got a new cat called Alfie, he is a bristish short hair like my other cat Baloo, he is now 6 months old? Boo is 3 and a half!
My parents bought a house so now I'm living in a place that isn't owned by the army!
I went to Vietnam which was amazing
I got a job
Went to Italy which I've really wanted to do for a while now, we went to Venice and Rome
Started journalling and using washi tape which is very exciting (yes I am sad)
My brother started university in Wolverhampton doing Animal management
and I had my hair cut! it is now above my shoulders its a pretty dramatic change for me but I love it

Have a look at my new instagram:

This blog will probably be a mix of things, like fashion I like, ootd's, book reviews, product reviews stuff like that :)

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